Many people did not consider esports a “real” sport. Others argued that his popularity was just a fad that was about to pass. Nowadays, almost no one takes esports lightly. Professional computer games have already won many fans and powerful sponsors. But where is the esports industry heading? What changes can be expected in the coming years?

How has esports changed?

The beginning of esports competitions was rather modest. Here, computer game enthusiasts started playing amateur games in order to choose the best player. Gradually, more and more people began to take part in esports tournaments. It was also important for fans to start gathering around these types of games. Today, there are 400 million esports fans around the world. There are more and more of them every year.

The commercial potential of this discipline was born. The growing interest of people in electronic dispute attracted sponsors, and the funds received helped to make the game more professional (after all, the prize pool of the largest tournaments is estimated at millions of dollars). The potential in this discipline was quickly noticed by bookmakers who allow betting on the results of computer games.

The topic of electronic sports has attracted interest even among the developers of Internet portals and software for gambling. Microgaming, a leading provider of games for online portals, has partnered with Unikrn Virtual, an esports bookmaker. The online entertainment industry is also increasingly talking about the introduction of slot machines related to computer games. Many online players are waiting for the opportunity to play slots for free without registration, built into, for example, the world of CS: GO.

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Will there be a change in outlook? DOTA 2 betting

Simply put, people exhibit three different approaches to esports. A growing group of fans of this discipline awaits the next tournaments and improves their skills in computer games, as well as the strategy of betting on e-sports, for example, the strategy of betting on Dota 2 . At the same time, many people have no idea what sports are on the Internet.

How is the professional esports lifestyle changing?

Esports is a young discipline that develops almost every day. This also applies to players, especially those who achieve great results. Most of them are young people who did not even think they could become sports stars. For them, computer games were a source of entertainment.

Meanwhile, there is tremendous and growing pressure on the best players today. The best esports players have crowds of fans who not only support them, but also pin their hopes on them. Moreover, esports sponsors demand only the best results. For some players, going from anonymous player to a public figure is a major source of stress.

The changes that are already being observed relate to the professionalization of esports. The best players are now supported by whole support groups, including sports managers. More and more players are likely to benefit from the support of psychologists. Thus, the best players will be under the same care as the stars of other sports.

How is the globalization of esports progressing?

The commercialization and globalization of esports is an unstoppable trend. Of course, this has its pros and cons. However, it is gradually becoming apparent that esports is becoming popular in more than just a few regions of the world.

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After all, not so long ago, this electronic sport had fans only in a few countries of the Far East. Today fans of computer games competitions can be found on all continents.

Esports and traditional sports

Some consider esports to be a threat to “traditional” disciplines. Eventually, fans’ attention can gradually shift from matches played on courts, dance floors or playgrounds to the virtual world. However, it is likely that e-sports will complement other sports well.

Football and the FIFA game modeled on this discipline are a great example. The leadership of the German Bundesliga, EA Sport (game developers) and the World Football Association are all working harder to create global esports competitions. Perhaps one day the World Cup will be preceded by the World Cup of computer game about football.