Remarketing is a very popular and extremely profitable strategy that many PPC professionals use on a daily basis. Thanks to remarketing, you can restore a potentially lost customer and get a conversion for a few cents. With the low running costs of this strategy, it becomes clear that remarketing is a key strategy used to increase the profit of the business.

So, remarketing is about retargeting text or image ads to customers who have visited your site in the past. Remarketing makes it possible to use information about users, according to the article on , and to target it with the company’s personalized advertising every time they browse the Internet.

Compared to the regular marketing campaigns often seen on Google and Facebook, which are designed to bring users to a website for the first time by showing them your products or services. A remarketing campaign is designed to re-engage them when they already know about your company and know your services and products.

Displayed ads often encourage internet users to return to a site, for example by showing them a product that they have recently viewed but for some reason decided not to buy.

The foundation of a successful remarketing campaign is gathering the right group of users. When visiting a website, cookies store important information such as the length of the visit, which subpages the user visited, which products were viewed and when the website was last visited. Thanks to this information, the user will receive personalized advertising. It may contain, for example, the products that he viewed, with information about the promotion or discount for this product.

He will see such ads on other sites that allow banner ads to be placed. Thanks to the huge ad network used by Google, ads can reach the user on almost every page they visit.

Benefits of using remarketing

A well-structured remarketing campaign can bring many benefits to an advertiser. From inexpensive ads to being able to target specific ads. Here are some of the reasons why so many website and online store owners use remarketing campaigns:

  • Extremely cheap

When running an advertising campaign in a popular industry, you can pay up to several tens of rubles per click. Given the high competition in certain industries or in local advertising, it may take a potential client more time and multiple pages before deciding whether to buy or use a company.

  • Targeting ads to a specific audience

Another advantage is the ability to target ads to a specific audience. Ads will target people who have already visited the website or specific subpages.

  • More conversions

Increasing the number of desired actions on the page, i.e. conversions, is one of the main reasons why so many people use remarketing.

If the user has been on the site and spent a few minutes on it, they are probably interested in the offer, products or services. Besides the benefits, remarketing has another big drawback. The Google Display Network is far more prone to false or accidental clicks than text ads in a search list. This means that the website can be visited by random people who are not interested in the offer, such as children using their parents’ computers or phones.

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