Nowadays, a website is an indispensable tool for running an effective business. Thanks to him, you can present an offer to your company, as well as significantly expand the circle of existing customers. However, building a website is not enough. The most important thing is to make it stand out on Google.

In order to be in the top, it is necessary to properly optimize the sites, thanks to which the Google robots will recognize this site as a reliable source of information when requested by Internet users of the Google search engine. Therefore, website optimization and page loading speed are some of the most important issues for an online business.

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What factors influence website optimization?

Google’s ever-changing algorithm and analysis by positioners have revealed some of the most important elements, including website optimization, without which the chances of ranking high will be slim. Optimization of the meta page, phrases, title and user information, as well as any good article on the page.

Add site to Google Search Console

It is a free web service of the Google search engine that will prove to be of great help in site positioning and optimization. Thanks to it, you can check the visibility of a website in the search engine, traffic and indexing status of the website in the Google Search Console.

Choosing keywords

You should check what phrases customers use the most, associate them with the offer, and then create content for them and share them on the website:

  • optimize title description and meta description – elements that are displayed to users in the search engine and can induce them to visit the site;
  • use keywords and key phrases in article titles – so that they create clear and understandable information for the user;
  • take care of texts for websites – notify users of changes in the company, share interesting facts with them, or reveal the secrets of the industry in which we work. It is also recommended to use phrases and their synonyms in this type of content;
  • collect incoming links – they must be of high quality. You can get inbound links, for example, by sharing good website content that visitors will want to share with other users. Internal links and information about the structured data of the page are also extremely important.
  • adapt the site for cell phones, taking into account search engines – smartphones collect more and more requests.
  • website optimization primarily reduces page load times, correct urls, external and internal links, good meta data and above all graphics optimization. You need to spend a lot of time optimizing your site. Site key phrases must be set for search engine robots. Internal links should be directed to the most interesting content. Key phrases should not be too long. The number of phrases, title and meta must match. URLs must be encrypted. Optimizing website graphics is one of the most important issues because with a lot of graphics and large elements, we may notice a decrease in page load from the user’s point of view. Website optimization is part of a complex SEO process.

The website optimization process must be optimized for search engine robots, which is time consuming and costly.

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