Many newbies make many different mistakes when creating websites. Such sites in most cases have inconvenient usability, as well as many other problems. And now you will find out how to avoid the most common problems.

The main mistakes when creating websites

1. Problem with the font. There are several problems here. One problem is the use of small print. Another problem is the color contrast. This is when the font color merges with the background color. As a result, the text becomes hard to read.

2. When placing links on the site, highlight them in a different color than the color of normal text. Typically, link text is highlighted in blue and has an underline. Avoid using underlining in regular text, even if you want to highlight something important.

3. Refuse to use Flash on site pages and in menu design.

4. The text should be interesting and unique. And most importantly, it must be clear to your readers. And for this, the text should be written in a simple and accessible language without the use of special terms.

5. When creating a large site, it will not be superfluous to install a search bar. This will save your users a lot of time searching for the information they want.

6. The site must be displayed correctly in all browsers.

7. If you plan to install a form to fill out on the site. For example, it can be a form for registering on the site or a form for ordering a product or service. Remember that the fewer fields to fill out, the more convenient it will be for users. Leave only the most essential fields.

8. If you are creating a commercial site, then the information about the company must be present, which includes the address of the company or store, phone number and e-mail address.

9. Do not post pop-ups on the site. This should not be done for the following reasons: firstly, they interfere with the viewing of content, and secondly, they are very annoying with their appearance.

10. If you are creating a website for an online store, make sure that the potential buyer has the opportunity to have a good look at the purchased product. To do this, the product photos should be made in such a way that when you click on the photo, it opens in a large size.

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