Surprisingly, free games often bring their developers much more money than AAA projects. Due to their high availability, these games have a much larger player base, which allows publishers to heavily monetize the game through in-game transactions. Therefore, most of the players think that free games are donated trash heaps.

Most often, this is true, but sometimes there are exceptions.

Apex legends

It is impossible not to mention the sensational “battle royale”, which came out without loud announcements or demonstrations, but blew up the free games industry. Apex is one of the best free online first-person shooters with a catchy style, Titanfall-like gameplay and a variety of game mechanics.


A more casual, but no less dynamic “royal battle” from the third person takes out due to its memorable cartoon visual style, familiar to many players in the third person mode and the presence of construction elements. The game has a lot of fans, constant events and great support from the developers. Thanks to this, the game attracted the attention of bookmakers, and online fortnight betting further contributed to the popularity of fortnite.


An adrenaline-fueled online third-person action game with the maximum variety of game content and constant updates. Here you will find crowds of enemies, dozens of playable characters and unique equipment, as well as a lot of grind. The latter here does not bore as much as in other projects, which will be another plus.

Genshin impact

A very catchy Chinese RPG. Seasoned gamers will immediately see the similarities with the “Zelda”, which the developers were inspired by during the development. Nice-looking graphics, well-thought-out gameplay, but again the presence of grind and “gacha” -mechanics. The game will appeal to fans of anime, because there is just an abundance of beautiful girls, as well as those who are not averse to killing a couple of hundred hours to destroy monsters and get good equipment.

War thunder

Dedicated to tank lovers: thousands of pieces of equipment, an interesting pumping scheme, eye-pleasing graphics and good optimization. Large-scale battles involve everything from conventional tanks to ships and aircraft. The game is unlikely to suit “casual” players, since instead of a health bar there is a very complex and detailed system. Damage to any part of the vehicle or injury to a crew member will greatly affect your capabilities.

Despite the opinion of many players, among the free games there are really decent ones that can be played for quite a long time. Many “free to play” games are somewhat similar to each other, and also have a fairly large amount of monetization. They are far from perfect, but they clearly deserve a chance.

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