A landing page is a large sequence of micro-blocks where a visitor sees a call to action and a message. The home page provides information according to the same topic that generated the initial interest in the email link.

What does the landing page look like?

Landing page is a kind of information exchange. By ordering a landing page landing page, you will have the opportunity to increase the uniqueness of the content that already exists on the site, it can also help to increase efficiency in search engines (or SEO). In addition, it can be a standalone ad resource. Sales-oriented pages have the added benefit of expanding user knowledge by telling a “story.” This beautifully illustrated story is critical to persuasion. Landing page is based on product value extension or unique proposition. In addition, the provision of supporting materials such as images or videos can show the product or service is already in use.

The landing page ends with indicators of trust: reviews, “seals” of approval.


Landing pages allow you to experiment. It is relatively inexpensive to test how message blocks “work” for a potential audience. It’s almost impossible to do this with a website. Or you can check product demos.
Information obtained through research and landing pages can be used when ordering a website design , filling it out or for marketing materials.

Components of a good landing page

No matter what ecommerce product you need a landing page for, it all starts with putting together the “essential ingredients.”

Page design

First of all, landing pages are designed with no distractions. People visit this page for a reason. There is one main goal and one main message on the page, without many additional elements that distract guests from registering in a form or clicking a button to buy.
Removing links, menus, and navigation helps the user focus on the most important elements of the page by reducing the number of options available to him.
Professionals focus on reducing confusion for website visitors. But they can add one, maximum two links.

Headlines and value propositions

Titles are defined as concise, disguised value propositions. Their idea is to boil down what a product or service is offering into a simple, direct message that focuses on the core benefits.
The main way to create this effect is brainstorming. Experts reflect on what distinguishes products from what competitors offer.

Images and Videos

The “hero” image is an important factor that expands the value proposition by showing the visitor what they can get with the product or offer.
The page resembles a commercial, where a person runs up the stairs and defeats all evil. The inclusion of compelling images and inspirational videos also makes intangibles concrete for visitors. It is not always easy to explain in writing alone how services benefit people. And the “heroes” help. A simple story is the main thing that shapes the value of a proposal.

Call to action

Calls to action should be big, but obvious.
One important but often overlooked aspect here is design. For example, the “main” action that a person needs to take should be more prominent and emphasized on the page, while the “secondary” offer that should interest him may be weakened by a slightly distant placement or text link (as opposed to a large button for main).

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