Minecraft is strikingly different from all other computer games. This difference is in the unusual graphics, extraordinary staging, the ability to both destroy and create. Its creators also delight fans of the game with constant updates, the largest of which is 1.15.

You can download Minecraft 1.15 at angamer.com. There is also an article that provides a complete overview of this update. It examines updated mobs, blocks, items, changed gameplay. Together with the author of the article, we will find out what the developers of this update have added to the game dearly beloved by many gamers.

Contrary to their expectations, neither new blocks nor new items have appeared in the updated version. There are no more mobs either. However, almost all the existing elements have changed slightly. The author examines the game in detail by blocks, objects, game mechanisms and offers an updated version to download here . He also notes the stability of Minecraft 1.15.

The update in Minecraft 1.15 is dedicated to the theme of bees and is called “Buzzing Bees”. Changes have taken place in blocks. Bee nests or hives are houses of bees. They can be found in a flower forest, in a sunflower meadow, in an ordinary plain. Bees fly in and out of their nests, replenishing honey supplies. They can also be in or near the hive. If at this time you try to get honey and combs from the hive, then you can run into the aggressiveness of the bees. They will aggressively pursue the player. In reality, it is possible to escape from them only under water. Bees do not like water, but rain is not a hindrance to them.

To avoid the hostile attitude of bees, you should correctly approach the extraction of honey and combs from the hive. You can try to crack the hive with an enchanted tool. The “Silk Touch” has a pacifying effect only on the bees that are in their nest. It has no effect on those individuals that are outside. Installing a burning fire under the hive can be considered a smart solution. At the same time, the hostility of the bees disappears. You can also avoid the attack by using the honey and honeycomb dispenser. The important thing is that the bee’s nest cannot be moved with the piston.

The player is given the opportunity to create an apiary. To do this, he must create several bee hives. Each new nest accommodates no more than three bees. In the new version, the attention is drawn to the externally beautiful honeycomb block. 

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