Hosting is a service provided by a hosting provider. It i ncludes the placement of client files on the Internet on servers (virtual or dedicated), as well as the operation of the client software (for example, CMS) on the software capacity of this server.

A lot depends on the competent choice of hosting: stability of the site, traffic stability, ranking in search engines, as well as download speed and, as a result, how many users will wait for your project to be fully loaded. As you know, 70% of users leave the site if the page is loaded for more than 3 seconds.

Basic parameters when choosing a hosting provider

In order to determine the specific characteristics of the hosting required for your project, you need to analyze for what purposes and for what audience you plan to use your site.

Simple site, “business card site”

If your project is just a personal block, a business card site or a small online store with traffic of no more than 3000 unique visitors per day, then a good and stable virtual hosting is quite suitable for you. This is a variant of a hosting service where several clients are hosted on the same server cluster (often with the same IP address), thus sharing its power – Internet speed, processor frequency, RAM, and so on.

Medium-loaded project

If your site involves up to 10,000 people per day, then, of course, you will need something more serious, or rather VPS (VDS) or virtual dedicated hosting. This is the same virtual hosting, but in this case, a strictly allocated amount of power resources is allocated for your server cluster, which other clients can no longer use. Also, as a rule, in this case, your projects will already have their own unique IP address.

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Highly loaded project

If the project is visited by more than 10 thousand “unique” every day, then of course, you will need to buy the most expensive ($ 100-400 per month, depending on the configuration), but also the most stable hosting option – a dedicated server (Dedicated Server). In this case, the entire server cluster with all the software and hardware installed on it will work to maintain the stability of your project.

A more detailed review of modern hosting providers in Russia, which can be called the best, can be viewed on the popular IT portal , do not forget to leave your review there as well, thereby you will help other users find the right hosting for their projects.

Related hosting services for the stable operation of the project

When choosing a hosting provider, pay attention to some of the so-called “related services”, which are also, today, of course, extremely important for your project to reach the top of search engines. Let’s consider some of them.

SSL certificate

In recent years, one of the most important parameters of a site’s ranking in search engines has also become the SSL (SSL) certificate, the very presence of which, in addition to the direct protection of users when connecting to the site, is a “rule of good manners” on the Web and a sign of respect for those who visit it. people from the side of the creators of the project.

An SSL certificate is a digital signature of the hosting site on which it operates. This signature provides an encrypted connection between the user and the site itself, which exchange information without the intervention of the ISP, subnet administrator, etc.

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It is very simple to understand whether the site is protected or not: take a closer look at the site address in the browser bar, if there is a lock icon to the left of it and the connection itself is made via the HTTPS protocol, while the browser does not issue any security warnings, it means that the site is protected and you have nothing to fear …

Domain for the site

Of course, a domain is the face of a site, which, first of all, should be easy to remember by a person, and also, naturally, carry a semantic load corresponding to the topic of your project. When choosing a domain, do not forget about its georeferencing. For example, if your business is designed mainly for citizens of Belarus, then the most correct solution would be to register a domain in the BY zone.


Choosing a hosting is an important task at the start of your project. You should not leave this problem to “drift”. We advise you to study the issue in detail before uploading the site, or contact IT-specialists.