Information that is useful for Minecraft lovers

Minecraft is strikingly different from all other computer games. This difference is in the unusual graphics, extraordinary staging, the ability to both destroy and create. Its creators also delight fans of the game with constant updates, the largest of which is 1.15. You can download Minecraft 1.15 at There is also an article that provides a complete overview of this […]

Landing page – what is it

A landing page is a large sequence of micro-blocks where a visitor sees a call to action and a message. The home page provides information according to the same topic that generated the initial interest in the email link. What does the landing page look like? Landing page is a kind of information exchange. By ordering a landing […]

How does IP telephony work?

To understand how telephony works using Internet channels, let’s define the concepts. So, IP telephony is a general term for all methods of voice and video communication over the global network. It is part of VoIP, a component that only deals with network communications using the IP protocol. SIP telephony – definition of a narrower communication segment, i.e. if […]

What will the future of esports look like?

Many people did not consider esports a “real” sport. Others argued that his popularity was just a fad that was about to pass. Nowadays, almost no one takes esports lightly. Professional computer games have already won many fans and powerful sponsors. But where is the esports industry heading? What changes can be expected in the […]