Cybersport. Classification as a sport

The classification of computer games as a sport is a controversial issue, to which there is no single answer. While some point to the rise in popularity of eSports as an excuse for considering some computer games to be sports, others argue that computer games will never achieve “true sport” status. However, popularity is not the […]

The mobile version of Azino777 is already available!

Everyone can easily get rich if they are not afraid to use the services of reliable gambling portals. You just need to trust some gambling resource with an impeccable reputation so that you don’t have to endure financial losses in the future. On the positive side, the Azino777 club has long established itself. Guests of the legendary casino […]

What is remarketing and why is it so effective?

Remarketing is a very popular and extremely profitable strategy that many PPC professionals use on a daily basis. Thanks to remarketing, you can restore a potentially lost customer and get a conversion for a few cents. With the low running costs of this strategy, it becomes clear that remarketing is a key strategy used to increase the […]

SEO text for promoting a selling site

The information posted on the resources of stores and companies is used to familiarize buyers with services and goods. A detailed description allows you to grab the attention of users and enlist their support. In order for the article on the page to perform the assigned tasks, it is necessary to find the “key” to the search […]

The best free PC games

Surprisingly, free games often bring their developers much more money than AAA projects. Due to their high availability, these games have a much larger player base, which allows publishers to heavily monetize the game through in-game transactions. Therefore, most of the players think that free games are donated trash heaps. Most often, this is true, but sometimes […]

Forecast for Dota 2 for the near future

Competitions in esports Dota 2 has long ceased to be considered a trend. Esports goes international and becomes a global gaming industry. Some players take part in different duels with a very profitable prize pool. Because of this situation, beginners, professional players can make great money making bets. It is enough to read the main forecasts for different tournaments […]

Sports Betting Facts

If you want to start making money on bets, you must understand that this is a huge risk. In reality, only a few receive in this business, the rest only pay for their “hobby” so that watching sports events becomes more intense and interesting. The bookmaker wins Most gamblers lose because the result of sporting events […]